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Multi-Purpose Summer Weight Wicking Horse Rug

Multi-Purpose Summer Weight Wicking Horse Rug

Manufactured without the insulation layer & machined with a smooth finish suitable for use during warmer conditions.

Main features:

Advanced high performance wicking fabric
Manufactured in the same unique wool and acrylic blend, but in this rug, the distinctive square quilting and the polypropylene insulating layer has been removed, forming a smooth finish. The rug is less warm, but still retains all the benefits of the quilted version
Individually hand cut for a perfect fit
Double front closure
Belly strap for easy use
Wither pad
Fillet loops
Single binding (choice of 19 colours)
Roko fittings as standard
Easy to fit
Machine washable
23 fabric colours available
Available in 4ft (122cm) upwards

A lighter weight multi-purpose rug.


When order is placed we will contact you for colours and sizing.

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