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Aster Horses Syndicate


Aster Horses owned by partners, Daniel Watson and Craig Messenger, is offering the opportunity for people to become involved with the exciting future of top-Class sport horses.

The breeding of these horses first took place over ten years ago and has to date, successfully produced some very exciting horses for the future.  Aster Butterfly, who is the oldest sibling, was one of the first Aster babies we bred and is now competing at Grand Prix Level in the sport of Dressage.

Aster Horses has its own breeding programme and every year we are increasing the number of foals born.  Every horse is bred with top level competition in mind and is trained sympathetically to reach its full potential in any discipline it may be suited to.   We aim to breed with the best stallions available but we also believe the mares temperament and ability plays a vital role with producing the best possible horse.

Aster Horses has bred a number of foals and we can successfully say that they have all  shown great promise and trainability.  Our vision for the future is to strategically develop our breeding programme and become one of the most successful breeders in the United Kingdom. 

The benefit of the programme is that not only have we handpicked fantastic mares and stallions but Daniel and Craig have the ability  to handle and train the horses from day one, giving them the best chance of being successful competition horses.  This system is unique as the horses are born and bred with us. 

The mare is of top quality and the Stallion is carefully selected to suit the mare and also the discipline.  We have the facilities for the foals to be weaned, handled and run with a herd whilst they are young, allowing them to develop carefully both mentally and physically.  When the horses are three years old, they begin their training/backing with Craig Messenger.  The Horses are carefully backed and bought on and the horse will tell us when they are ready, if they need more time, we always allow them this space so they can continue developing and grow at their own rate and be turned away again if necessary. 

Once the horses have developed the basic ridden skills and are ready to progress their training, Daniel, with his breadth of experience as an international dressage rider, progresses and develops the horses into competition horses for the future. 


The Aster Syndicate

As a result of our success to date, we now feel this is the perfect time to offer the opportunity for people the chance to be a part of the journey. Whether you have a passion for horses, competing or experiencing the thrill of seeing horses compete at top level, this exciting prospect will allow you to experience equestrian sport at its best.  



Being involved with competition horses is very exciting, with its highs and lows, there is never a dull moment! We guarantee you will have a great time and you’ll meet likeminded people, forge friendships and share experiences with quality horses and people.

At Aster Horses we take all the hassle out of owning a competition horse leaving you with fun, excitement and personal involvement for a low fixed monthly cost. As a syndicate member we will give you the opportunity to watch the horses develop into exciting prospects for the future. 

We all know that top quality horses are very expensive, making being an owner out of most people’s reach. The Aster syndicate enables you to have quality horses and watch them develop through the levels with the potential to see them compete internationally.

As a syndicate member you will be welcomed to visit the yard to watch the development of the horses through their education and to invest into the future of the top-quality Aster horses, here in the UK.  We also offer syndicate days, which will include the opportunity to join us at a table at Hickstead CDIO and tickets to many other shows where our horses will compete. 


The Future

Daniel and Craig are both exceptionally dedicated and hard-working individuals and have the desire to succeed at the highest level both in producing and competing our horses. Daniel was presented with a FEI Gold badge of honour award from the FEI  in 2018 for representing Great Britain at International  Team Events  on numerous occasions.

We would like to welcome all those who would like to join the Aster Horses Syndicate.  The purpose of this Syndicate is to make the experience of horse involvement accessible and affordable so that anyone has the opportunity to become involved and enjoy the journey of the Aster Horses as well as the chance to get up close and personal with our competition horses and experience the thrill and success of being an owner.   

We currently have 12 Horses ranging from foals to Grand Prix Level Dressage horses who are all part of this syndicate opportunity. We have another 4 foals being born in 2019, all from proven Elite Stallions and all will be born at our yard.  As an owner you can also experience the birth of the new foals to the world if you wish, truly an experience that will be hard to find elsewhere!   


Where Aster Horses Began

Aster Horses was founded in 2018.  The word Aster came from the name Daisy and is the name of our first broodmare that foaled homebred Butterfly who is now competing at Grand Prix level.


Aster Horses  

Aster Butterfly

11 years old, chestnut mare (Breitling x DiMaggio)

Competing at Grand Prix Dressage


Aster Berlin

8 years old, chestnut gelding (Breitling x DiMaggio)

Competing at Advanced Medium Dressage


Aster Lipstick

3 years old, black mare (Negro x DiMaggio) 

Currently starting in training


Aster Don Diablo

12 years old, gelding (Don Schufro x Blue Horse Romancier)

Currently competing at PSG Dressage

Aster Disney WS

5 years Old ( De Niro x Helaldik)



Aster Daisy - (DiMaggio x Donnerhall)

Aster Saskia - (Sandro Hit x Davignon)

Aster Ballygill Shadow - (Black Shadow x Sweetwall Captain Courageou)  

Aster Buffy - (Breitling x Royal Angelo)



Niko Aster - Colt (Valverde x Sandro Hit)

Narnia Aster - Filly (Valverde x Breitling)

Noble Aster – Colt (Johnson x DiMaggio)

MX Nancy Aster - (Asgard Ibiza x Ferro)


Foals due to be born 2019 from Stallions used – Toto Jnr, Glamourdale, Champion Deluxe


Syndicate Package and Prices

To be apart of this special syndicate we will be offering this for a great price of £125 per calendar month, which will include:

v  All week VIP at Hickstead CDIO

v  One evening VIP at Hartpury CDI

v  Private Box at Olympia World Cup Freestyle Evening 2019

v  Tickets to all shows that Aster Horses attend

v  Various opportunities to gain access to top shows abroad

v  Free entry to any demonstrations held at Bilsington Priory Equestrian 

v  Meet and greet days to watch all the horses train at home

v  Attend our Grading days, where every year our new foals will be graded

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