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Thermatex Atlanta Fly Sheet

Thermatex Atlanta Fly Sheet

Manufactured from a white 'sun reflecting' high strength mirco mesh which prevents flies and midges from landing on the skin and irritating the horse.

Main features:

Manufactured in a combination of man-made fibres, resulting in an advanced high strengh mirco mesh
The mesh allows even the slightest breeze to pass through keeping the horse cool
The mesh helps to prevent the horse's coat from bleaching and protects from sunburn
Individually hand cut for the perfect fit
Double high strength nylon front closure fittings
Cross surcingles, wither pad & fillet string loops
Intergral tail flap
Full washable
Sizes available from 4ft - 7ft 3in

Generally intended for use in and around the stable but can also be used for short supervised turnout periods.


When order is placed we will contact you for colours and sizing.

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