Aster Butterfly. Born 2008 Breitling x Dimaggio, Competing Grand Prix

Aster Berlin. Born 2011, Breitling x Dimaggio, Competing Prix St Georges

Lipstick Aster, Born 2016, Negro x DiMaggio 

Aster Disney WS, Born 2014, De Niro x Heraldik.

Niko Aster, Born 2018, Valverde x Sandro Hit.

Noble Aster, Born 2018, Glocks Johnson x Dimaggio

Aster La Vista 2019, Glamourdale x Dimaggio

Aster Invictus Born 2013, Johnson x Dimaggio.  Sold as a three year old

Aster J’adore Born 2014, Firestone x Dimaggio, Sold as a four year old



Aster Daisy – Broodmare DiMaggio x Donnerhall

Eranda Aster - United x Belisar

Aster Kimi -Florencio x Don Frederico


Foals due to be born 2020 from Stallions used – Jovian, Desperados FRH, Feuertanz



Aster Bambi, Born 2018 Glencarrig Dolphin x Ballygill Shadow SOLD

Narnia Aster, Born 2018, Valverde x Breitling. SOLD

MX Nancy Aster, Born 2018, Asgards Ibiza x Ferro. SOLD

Aster Titania, Born 2019 Glock's Toto Jnr x Breitling, SOLD

Aster De Luxe, Born 2019, Champion De Luxe x Ballygill Shadow SOLD


Jovian x Florencio

Feuertanz x Dimaggio

Desperados FRH x United

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Aster Butterfly IV - Breitling x DiMaggio Mare

Competing at Grand Prix Dressage.

Butterfly has trained and been based with us since she was born.  A successful small tour horse competing Internationally for GBR and winning the Regional Prix St George class at Hickstead in 2017.

Butterfly, the first foal from Daisy, has proven to be of top quality and has the desire and ability to compete at the top level in her sport



Aster Berlin - Breitling x DiMaggio Gelding

Competing at Prix St Georges working towards Grand Prix.

Aster Berlin has trained and been based with us since he was born.  A very successful horse competing at The British Championship in 2017. He was the Dressage Masters Champion in 2019 at Advanced Medium Level.

From the same bloodline as Aster Butterfly IV, this horse has three correct paces and showing all the ability to train to Grand Prix. 

Aster Berlin is a very talented horse. He has the brain to train and is always willing to please. 

We look forward to seeing this horse at the higher levels and we have no doubt he will compete internationally when he is ready. 


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